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An Overview of Autotask Workplace

Posted By: Ryan Richardson - 6/27/2018 12:00:00 AM

by Ryan Richardson

AWP is an enterprise grade File Sync & Share (FSS) solution, purpose built for business.

Workplace offers a comprehensive solution for secure file sharing among employees and customers, that allows colleagues to collaborate and access documents remotely.

Collaborating internally and externally is made easy with protected access and version control. Files are located in one central place in a controlled environment.

In the past, things like contract negotiations required sending files back and forth with multiple versions of the same document. This quickly gets confusing and cumbersome. With version control, Autotask maintains the latest version of the document, as well as many previous versions for 6 months.

When you do use email to share documents, with an Outlook plug-in, Autotask can be configured to reroute every file attachment to a secure share.

Also, features like Data Sync allow you mobility without compromising file security or requiring manually moving files.

The ultimate goal of Autotask is to eliminate unsecure data transfer and data sprawl that is caused by the old way of doing things.

AWP provides total control from any device, for any collaborator.

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