Impersonation Attempt

Posted By: Jessica Patterson - 11/14/2018 12:00:00 AM

An impersonation attempt came across our service board and we thought we would give you the heads up!

Impersonation attempts (attacks) are emails that attempt to impersonate a trusted individual or company to gain access to corporate finances or data. 


The perpetrator is relying on your lack of attention to details.   Listed below are the details they are hoping you will miss.


Detail #1: The Email Address

These pond-scum will create email addresses to mimic the real address hoping you won’t notice the difference.



Fake #1 –

Fake #2 –

Let’s not forget the use of hidden characters!  The underlining from a hyperlink make these hard to catch.

Fake#4 – john.doe@ç


Detail #2:  The Well-Crafted Email

An impersonator will spend as much time and resources as possible to research the person they are attempting to impersonate.  A quick search of a company’s website will usually present names and titles of the employees. From there, cross reference to find social accounts like LinkedIn and Twitter.  Now the scammer can use posts or a profile to study the victims writing style and gather personal information such as travel habits or a favorite football team.   The email will be crafted based on the research gathered, and they want you to do something for them like click on a link or transfer money.


Detail #3:  The Signature

Most imposters may not have access to a targets actual email signature, so they create one they feel will generate the least amount of suspicion.  They may copy the company logo from the website to create credibility.

Real Signature:  

John Doe, CFO

Cool Company


“Insert a cheesy quote here”



Fake Signature:





PO BOX 51207 
Amarillo, Texas 

Great care has been taken in producing this compilation of resources. Citations are given as possible, but please know that this piece of work is from a collection of extraordinary minds.